Innovation: re-thinking the role of the state

Today more than ever Canada needs an ‘entrepreneurial state.’ It requires governments that are confident in playing a role in shaping and creating markets and new avenues for innovation, in order to forge a symbiotic relationship with private entrepreneurs instead of leaving our governments open to be captured by vested interests that will hold back the type of dynamic, green economy we need to build.

As climate landscape shifts, Canada sticks head in the (tar) sands

Barack Obama’s new climate change plan could significantly shift the landscape for Canadian economic and climate policy. It should really invite reflection on the Canadian side of the border about the direction in which we should be heading as a country.

Keystone XL and Canada’s Resource Trap

A 21st Century economic strategy aimed at promoting resilience and new avenues of prosperity will develop expertise in the green technologies that can help the world take action against climate change, rather than aggravating Canada’s economic and ecological vulnerability within the bitumen-based resource trap.

Proposing a green economic direction in the face of conservative confusion

More proactive government strategies are needed to deal with the private sector’s stagnation and loss of direction. Smart government strategy can coordinate economic activity towards building a green, diverse, and innovative economy.