Brendan Haley promotes Canada’s sustainable energy transition through research and action. He is currently a Banting Post-Doctoral fellow at Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies. 

Brendan has a PhD in Public Policy from Carleton University. His thesis examined the role of traditional natural resource sectors in Canadian low-carbon transitions, drawing insights from Canadian political economy and technological innovation system frameworks.

He forged a stakeholder consensus to create Canada's first energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Nova Scotia. He has written and taught on energy efficiency issues. He was also involved in the development of Nova Scotia's renewable electricity policy, including the community feed-in tariff program.

Brendan believes that Canada must develop an approach to climate and energy policy that is rooted in knowledge of the country’s unique history, ecological context, and economic structure. He is interested in exploring climate policy solutions that also create positive political feedbacks and tackle the unique problems confronted by Canada’s diverse regions.